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Terra Nova World:

Wld TerraNova 27x18 small $16.99Wld TerraNova 27x18 flags $18.990528850431-P-Wld TerraNova 40x24PAPER-ONLY $16.95Wld TerraNova 40x24 medium $24.99Wld TerraNova 40x30 flags $24.990528850547-P-Wld TerraNova 54x34PAPER-ONLY $22.95Wld TerraNova 54x34 large $42.99Wld TerraNova 54x34 flags $43.990528850644-P-Wld TerraNova 77x47PAPER-ONLY $47.99World TerraNova 77x47 huge $65.99
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This map by Maps International is this author's favorite world map. It's so easy to see the borders of the different countries because of the color scheme the cartographer used. And I love the easy-to-read block type. As you can see from all the options it comes in many sizes and some have all the world country flags at bottom. All choices come laminated except where noted as PAPER.
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