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National Geographic World Map of the Oceans

This is the Physical World map made by a division of National Geographic. It comes in one size shown on the description. The difference between a physical world map and a political world map is the display of man-made political boundaries. These usually appear only on political maps. A physical world map shows the physical features of the earth. The colors and shading on the map below depict the elevation and climate in any given area. Only the names of physical features and continents are shown on the map Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
NG-OCEAN-over.gifNGOCEAN-P-World Ocean Floor - PAPER-ONLY
Physical World Map with ocean
Item Number NGOCEAN-PPrice $15.95
Physical World Map with ocean floor PAPER Only
World Ocean Floor - NG 44x30
Item Number NGOCEANPrice $26.99
The price includes lamination. but a paper only version is available
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