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World Map Wallpaper

This map is 13 feet wide and goes on your wall as wallpaper. It even comes with the paste!

As you can see this great map comes in two varieties; regular wall paper and laminated wall paper. They do a really nice job with the laminated version because it is a thin lamination that is applied only to one side of the map. This makes it easier to apply than if the map had lam on both sides. It also means you can mark up the wall paper, write on it, and wipe it off. Just make sure you use a dry erase marker.
This map contains:
= Major cities
= World Time Zone
= Land Elevation and Distances
= Up-to-Date Political Boundaries
= Ocean Depths and Shipping Lanes
= Nautical Miles
= Longitude and Latitude
= Updated with the help of the CIA and DoD
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World Wall Paper 8.5 by 13ft
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