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Map of Los Angeles, CA including Orange & LA County

This map shows Los Angeles, California and Vicinity. Area of Coverage: North: to Willow Springs and Lancaster; South: includes Laguna Beach and Mission Viejo; East: to Corona and Ontario; West: includes Fillmore and Malibu. Details include major streets/all highways, ZIP codes/boundaries, latitude/longitude lines, county lines/names, parks/golf course/amusement centers/stadiums, water features, government buildings/federal penitentiaries, military installations/airports, hospitals, cemeteries, mileage circles, and points of interest. Markable and washable laminated surface in color. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
For easy mounting you can add the optional hanging rails in the Shopping Cart. Otherwise, you can simply pin it to the wall. Click on the map to see a close-up and more info.
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