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Street Map of Little Rock

This map shows all of Little Rock, Arkansas in complete street detail covering North Little Rock, with the following boundaries: North to the Faulkner County line and Little Rock Air Force Base: South to Woodson and Sardis: East to the Lonoke County line: West to Bauxite and Bryant and the best water feature coverage of any Arkansas map. Other features provided are airports, post offices, hospitals, railroads, mileage circles, points of interest, the MARTA Transit system, streets and highways, cemeteries, shopping centers, water features, recreational parks, block numbers, government buildings, fire and police stations, educational facilities, golf courses and country clubs, ZIP codes and ZIP code boundaries. The grid on the map relates to a matching street atlas. Markable and washable laminated surface in color. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
little-rock-over-UNILITTLE.JPGLittle Rock Ark 59x68
Little Rock Ark 59x68
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For easy mounting you can add the optional hanging rails in the Shopping Cart. Otherwise, you can simply pin it to the wall. Click on the map to see a close-up and more info.
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