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Street Map of Detroit

This map shows all of Detroit, Michigan in complete street detail covering: all of Wayne County with the following boundaries: North: Wayne County line to Oakland; South: Wayne County line to Monroe; East: Wayne County line to Ontario, Canada; West: Wayne County line to Washtena. It also includes an inset of Downtown Detroit. Details included: All Streets and Highways, Government Buildings, Airports, Water Features, Fire & Police Stations, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Educational Institutions, Railroads, Recreational Parks, Golf and Country Clubs, Post Offices, Points of Interest, City Limits ( color coded ), Cemeteries, Block Numbers, Section/Township/Range Lines & Numbers, Libraries, Township Names and Boundaries, & Zip Codes and Boundaries. Markable and washable laminated surface in color. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
detroit-over-UNIDETROIT.JPGDetroit/Wayne Co.72 x 53
Detroit/Wayne Co.72 x 53
Item Number UNIDETROITPrice $199.50
For easy mounting you can add the optional hanging rails in the Shopping Cart. Otherwise, you can simply pin it to the wall. Click on the map to see a close-up and more info.
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