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Street Map of Chicago

This map shows all of Chicago, Illinois. This is a very cost-effective street map of Chicago, displaying every street. It's right-sized to fit into an office or cubicle. It's the same map Rand-McNally puts out as a folding street map. For the smaller size we use the Rand folding map, smooth out the folds, piece two copies together front and back and laminate it. The larger size is plotted flat, not folded and fully laminated. Markable and washable laminated surface in color. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
Chicago Wall Map by GM Johnson
Chicago Streets Folded Paper $6.99Chicago Streets 35x54in $36.95Chicago Streets 42x62 $99.00
For easy mounting you can add the optional hanging rails in the Shopping Cart. Otherwise, you can simply pin it to the wall. Click on the map to see a close-up and more info.
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