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New York City wall map by Unique Media

This poster map of New York City is one of the most interesting maps we have ever found. Every major site in all five boroughs is depicted on this map. And yes sadly, the old World Trade Center is also shown on this map. These maps are hand-drawn pieces of art. Then they are reproduced as prints. That's why they are almost never updated. The UNIQUE watermark shown is not on the actual map. You will be able to spend hours pouring over the incredible details on this map. Just a glance at the picture below will show you that all the major bridges from the Verrazono to the GW are shown. (sorry, no tunnels) If you love the city like we do, this is a must-have for your wall. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
new-york-city-wall-map-by-unique-media-9780921338307UNIQUE Media New York City Region:
New York City/Region Unique $7.95NY City Region Unique Med.+Lam $17.95
Click on the picture to see the magnified version. All these maps come 2 ways, as folded paper map and as a laminated sheet suitable for framing.
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