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Point Harbor NC 7.5 Minute Quadrangle Map

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This topo shows the town of Point Harbor it is between Currituck County and Dare County. It also shows the Sawyers Lodge, Halls Harbor and Powells Point.
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NC_Point_Harbor_20130523_36075A7OM024Point Harbor; NC 1:24k A7
Point Harbor; NC 1:24k A7
Item Number 36075A7OM024Price $9.50
Point Harbor; NC1:24;000 NC00877
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This map is has an overall size of 21.5 inches wide by 29 inches tall. The map image is 18.5 inches wide by 22.75 inches tall in this area of the country. That means the map covers an area 7 miles wide by 8.6 miles tall.
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