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Virginia Shipwreck Map

Here is an overview of the Virginia Shipwreck wall map suitable for framing. The Monitor and the Merrimac, Luxury steamships passing in the fog on the Bay, the U-boats, daring rescues. Did you know that there were over 1,100 shipwrecks off the Virginia coast during the period from 1874 to 1915, and this doesn't even include those in Chesapeake Bay? Add to this the rich history of this area, including the Battle of Yorktown during the Revolutionary War, the Monitor and the Merrimac, the German U-boats, and the luxury steamships that once traversed the Chesapeake, and you can see what makes this chart is so interesting. Shipwrecks of Virginia and the Southern Chesapeake Bay has over 500 shipwrecks on it (general locations only) along with the stories of how 35 of the more interesting shipwrecks occurred. These cover the time period from the Revolutionary War (HMS Guadeloupe) up to 1979 when the USCG Cuyahoga collided with the freighter Santa Cruz II with a tragic loss of life.Also shown on the chart are interesting facts and nautical lore about the Civil War, Collisions at Sea, the Life-Saving Service, the Lighthouses, and World War II. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
SHPREG5-P-Virginia Shipwrecks PAPER
Virginia and Chesapeake Coasta
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Virginia and Chesapeake Coastal shipwrecks 21.5x23 PAPER Only
Virginia shipwreck 21.5x23
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Virginia Coast shipwreck 21.5x23
This chart is very popular with scuba divers who visit many of the wrecks in this area, and is suitable for framing. This normally comes as a laminated map when you click the Add to Cart button below, but you can request it in a paper map, or a framed wall map by calling us
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