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Hurricane Tracking Chart

This large Hurricane Tracking Chart comes standard as a laminated wall map. You can add optional rails in our shopping cart system. This large tracking chart is perfect for a command center or a classroom. Look at all the finite latitude and longitude lines. They make tracking the hurricane a snap. Use different colored Dry-Mark pens to track multiple storms. The dry-mark ink will just wipe off this laminated surface. If it doesn't come off the Tracking Chart immediately, you can easily wipe if off with rubbing alcohol. Another function of a large hurricane tracking chart is education. Nothing brings geography, absolute positioning and current events together like an impending hurricane. Give your students the chance to track the hurricane and mark up the chart based on latitude and longitude. You can do it all with this inexpensive classroom-sized Hurricane Chart. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
hurricane-tracking-shipwreck.JPGHurricane Tracking Chart 36x49
Hurricane Tracking Chart 36x49
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