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Florida Keys Shipwreck Map

Here is an overview of the Florida Keys shipwreck wall map suitable for framing. This beautiful chart shows the locations of hundreds of shipwrecks along the desolate area known as The Straits of Florida. The map shows every shipwreck and key from Key West all the way up to Biscayne Bay. Read more about the Straits of Florida's currents, the German U-Boats and the deadly hurricanes that helped contribute to this vast graveyard. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
Florida Keys Shipwreck 21.5x23
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Florida Keys Shipwreck 21.5x23
SHPREG6-P-Florida Keys Shipwrecks PAPER
Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys
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Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys 21.5x23 PAPER Only
The Straits of Florida extend 110 mile along the Keys, connecting the Gulf of Mexico with the Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Current flows east though the Straits carrying warm tropical water to the Gulf Stream. It constantly changes position and flows at speeds up to four miles an hour. During slack winds, sailing ships heading west were pushed backward by the current.
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