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Cape Hatteras Shipwreck Map

Here is an overview of the Cape Hatteras shipwreck wall map suitable for framing. This beautiful chart shows the locations of over three hundred shipwrecks along the desolate area known as The Graveyard of the Atlantic. The pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) met his end after a bloody battle behind Ocracoke Island at a spot known today as Teach's Hole. During the 1800's so many ships were lost along these shores that Congress established the United States Life-Saving Service to patrol the beaches and rescue crews from ships which were in trouble Read more about these brave men who conducted thousands of perilous rescues, often in raging storms, how over thirty of the most famous shipwrecks occurred and other interesting facts. This is all shown on this beautiful chart. Also included are sketches and information about the famous lighthouses of the Outer Banks. Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
Cape Hatteras Shipwreck
Item Number SHPREG3Price $18.99
Cape Hatteras Shipwreck 21.5x23
SHPREG3-P-Cape Hatteras Shipwrecks PAPER
Cape Hatteras Shipwreck chart
Item Number SHPREG3-PPrice $9.99
Cape Hatteras Shipwreck chart 21.5 x 23 PAPER Only
This chart is very popular with scuba divers who visit many of the wrecks in this area, and is suitable for framing. This normally comes as a laminated map when you click the Add to Cart button below, but you can request it in a paper map, or a framed wall map by calling us.
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