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Cape Fear Shipwreck Map

Here is an overview of the Cape Fear shipwreck wall map suitable for framing. Centered around historic Wilmington, North Carolina, Cape Fear (the southernmost North Carolina Cape) and the treacherous Frying Pan Shoals. This beautiful chart has over 150 shipwrecks on it. In addition to the many ships that met their end on Frying Pan shoals, a large number were lost while running the Union blockade during the Civil War. Wilmington was one of the last southern ports to remain open to the blockade runners which brought badly needed supplies to the South from Bermuda and the Bahamas. Included on the chart are interesting stories about how thirty one ships sank, covering the period from the Civil War to World War II. Find out about the tanker that was torpedoed by a U-boat and broken in two. The crew had secured the watertight doors and its stern stayed afloat. Later, the stern was towed to Baltimore where a new bow was attached and the tanker returned to service! Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
Cape Fear Shipwreck 21.5x23
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Cape Fear Shipwreck 18x21
SHPREG2-P-Cape Fear Shipwrecks PAPER
Cape Fear Shipwreck chart 21.5
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Cape Fear Shipwreck chart 21.5x23 PAPER Only
This chart is very popular with scuba divers who visit many of the wrecks in this area, and is suitable for framing. This normally comes as a laminated map when you click the Add to Cart button below, but you can request it in a paper map, or a framed wall map by calling us.
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