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Sales Territory Maps

We have many styles of business maps for territory planning. Each one is shown below. We have used North Carolina and Georgia as examples but we have every state. You can get a map for every state in black and white 3 different ways. These maps are terrific for sales presentations or territory planning or just making a customer pin map. Click on a picture or its description to see a bigger picture of the map example or to place an order.
Got a smaller, more detailed sales territory? Let us make a custom map for you. We can also create an on-line version that will work with your iPhone or Android phone. Call 800-532-6675
See what John Jantsch, in his best-selling book, Duct Tape Marketing has to say about making a customer pin map: "Many of our customers buy these maps to help them visualize their geography. It can be helpful to plot on a map the location of your current clients to determine if you have a trading pattern or if certain geographic areas are more desirable in terms of target market concentration. Businesses that don't feel any real geographic constraints should complete this mapping exercise, as you may discover patterns that lead you to packets of business. In other words, there may very well be a concentration of businesses in a certain industries that you serve that you were not aware of until you actually pinpointed the physical location of each client. Hanging a customer pin map of the wall can be a fun way to keep the focus on your clients too."
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