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Maps of the World

Here is a compendium of just about every decent world map on the market. (with the exception of Classroom World Maps which are a separate category) Most have either a unique decorating theme or are suited to a particular purpose. Some focus on the Earth's physical features; others help depict its population or relative landmass of its continents. Large and small, The Map Shop has them all. Don't forget, all these maps come standard with a laminated finish with the exception of the smaller Tyvek map and the antique reproductions which we know you'll want to frame. We know you might want the option of getting it in plain paper, so we usually offer that as an option.
Here are some things to consider when choosing one of these fine maps. With the exception of the Tyvek map, everything shown is laminated and priced as such. (other than raised relief or otherwise noted) We recommend the Rail option for a finished look and ease of hanging. However, if you are planning to get the map framed at a local framer (check our prices on framed maps first) then you might want to choose the map you want in a paper-only finish. Most of the maps shown above have a paper-only option. The item number is the same, it just has a -P suffix. Speaking of framing, here's another problem we occasionally encounter. A customer will come across a cool old frame and think Gee wouldn't a map look good in this frame? The problem is that they want to warp the World to fit their frame. All the maps shown above have a particular proportion. As you can see from the thumbnails above, it's always landscape, not portrait and a map of the world is generally about 1.5 times longer than it is wide... Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
TimezoneMap-TMSTIMELARGE-ES.jpgWorld Timezone Map:
easy to read and customized in 4 varieties
Note that the world maps all have multiple finishing options. You can get them in paper, laminated, mounting rails at the top and bottom, mounted, or fully framed. If that's not an available option on the page just call us at 800-532-6675
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