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Electronic Map Measurer

Here is our best Electronic map measurer. It has lots of pre-programmed map scales and allows you to accurately measure any unusual map scale in miles, kilometers or nautical miles. This is not just some Chinese lightweight. This measurer is made for military precision, right here in North America. The key to this unit's success is its quality. Just look at the clearly labeled buttons and the rugged way it is put together. Choose any scale and measure. It is that simple. Or if you know the distance between two points on the map, you can input that distance into this unit and calibrate the scale by rolling it between those two points. Click here to see how clearly the documentation is written.
Scalex Map Measurer
Item Number 0766813007000Price $29.99
Scalex Electronic Map Measurer
Look at the large measuring wheel at the end of this unit. It designed for the most accurate map measurements possible. Even though this unit is designed to measure miles or kilometers it can measure inches too. Just set the custom scale to 1:63360
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