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Hug A Planet!

Do you want to teach your kids to love the world and be its steward for the next generation? Give them something soft and tangible they can put their arms around. This is the Hug-a-Planet which comes in a variety of sizes from the small 6 inch ball to the bigger-than-a-pillow, 30" super hug-a-planet. There's even a Mars Hug-a-Planet for the future astronauts in your family
Hugg-a-Planet 6 ipolitical
Item Number BHAPPrice $12.99
Hugg-a-Planet 6i political
Hugg-a-Planet 12i political
Item Number HAPPrice $24.99
Hugg-a-Planet 12 in political
Super Hugg-a-Planet - 2.5'
Item Number SHAPPrice $78.95
Super Hugg-a-Planet - 2.5'
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