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The Geochron

What's a Geochron? The Geochron is more than a moving map OR a clock. The Geochron is a global time indicator. With the Geochron you can see the entire earth at a glance. See which areas are currently under daylight and which are under night. For ham radio operators, Geochron shows something even more important, the "gray line" which is the border between day and night that has the best area for shortwave radio reception.. For a corporate boardroom, it creates a focal point for world focus, planning and strategy. And Geochron makes the perfect executive gift. It clearly shows the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and how they play a role in the sun's most northward and southward path at the summer solstice or the longest day of the year. At the autumnal equinox and the vernal equinox (days in which the day and night are of equal length) the daylight pattern on the world clock becomes a straight up and down line on the map as opposed to the curve you can see below. For educational purposes the Geochron shows the analemma, the path that the sun is currently tracing on earth. At the solstice it is exactly over the equator at noon. Just like the real thing! We like to say the Geochron is fun and functional If you just need time zones, look at our world wall maps or our time-zone maps.
For telling time, this is the ultimate clock. It allows you to see where the sunrise and sunset are currently happening. It makes it easy to see Greenwich mean time and to visualize exactly where and in which time zone any city on earth is located. Both standard and daylight savings time are indicated on the clock. The Kilburg Edition of the Geochron has a minute indicator dial for precise time keeping.
Each one of these unique units is custom made for you and hand-built. (so they are not returnable)
If you'd like to explore some upgraded finishes or place a US Goverment order then please call us at 800-532-6675 to place your order. For US Government and DoD orders we are registered on SAM and WAWF.
Original Kilburg GEOCHRON
Item Number GEOCHRONPrice $1,795.00
Original Kilburg GEOCHRON
Geochron Standard Model
Item Number GEOCHRON.SPrice $2,995.00
Geochron Standard Model
Brushed Stainless Steel Kilburg topo
Geochron Topographic Model
Item Number GEOCHRON.TPrice $2,995.00
Geochron Topographic Model showing Earth from Space
Here's a close-up of the day of the week and date dial. We have been selling Geochrons to happy customers for over 15 years. Take advantage of our experience to get just the right configuration for your needs.
•Here is some info on Optional Geochron Finishes
•Here are some additional Geochron specifications
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