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Rand-McNally's Classic US Framed Map

This map of the U.S. looks great on your wall and it's up-to-date

Every capital, major city and highway in the US is shown on this map. Customers really like the subltle colors and the antique look of this map. It decorates any room in which it's hung and informs too. Choose either a Black Satin or Mocha Walnut molding. Each engineered wood molding has a 2" width and a 3/4" height and is made from environmentally-friendly recycled wood. It is sure to please the most demanding map buff. Maps are laminated on heavy foam core, which allows for placing pins or stickers on the map to mark locations. Also works great with dry erase markers!
RandClassicUSFramed-0070609002323-FUS Classic 50x32 Mocha Frame
US Classic 50x32 Mocha Frame
Item Number 0070609012780.FPrice $219.99
US Classic 50x32 Mocha Walnut Finish Frame
•click on the map to see a CLOSE-UP and more info.
•Learn more about Martin Mounts as a frame alternative
•See close-ups of the Classic US, ready to hang.
Due to heavy demand on the web and in our brick and mortar store, mounted and framed maps can take up to 5 business days to ship. If you need the map faster, we will make every attempt to ship it quicker. Just note your need in the order comments and give us a call at 800-532-6675. We’ll let you know if we can get it out quicker.
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