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Martin Mounted World and US Maps

Here's a selection of our exclusive Martin Mount process

We call this the Martin Mount because it was invented by Randy Martin, a member of The Map Shop family for over 15 years! Randy has skillfully combined the elegance of our wood-grained rails with the practicality of foam core. Here are a pictures of most of the maps we offer with this mount. The bottom picture is a close up of the way the rails are mounted on the map. From the front, it looks almost as if the whole thing was framed but at price that is way below putting a wood frame on a map this size. Foam core maps can take up to a week to prepare for shipment as we get close to the holidays. We can mount and / or frame almost any map this way but configuring our web site to allow on-line order entry for this option with the thousands of different map sizes is just not possible. Don't let that stop you. Call us at 800-532-6675 between 8:30a ~ 6p Eastern US time. We will be glad to give you a quote over the phone. Or contact us using the email address at the bottom of your screen. But if you see that the map on your screen has an item# that ends in MM, that means it's a Martin mount. You're good to go. That means we already have a pre-configuration for doing a Martin Mount and the price reflects that. The sturdy wood framed crate is included in the price of the map and Martin mount. Here are some maps we have pre-configured with a Martin Mount...
Here's a big close-up of the bottom of one or our Martin Mounts so you can see how it works:
One of the main reasons our customers get their maps mounted is to stick pins in them to show places they have been. Although we always automatically laminate the map when you mount it, you'll have no problem sticking map pins in it. The same is true for our framed maps because we start out with the same process. We just cut it and mount it in a frame when we're done.
See our Framed Maps
Note that we have multiple finishing options; more than we can list on every page. You can get them in paper, laminated, mounting rails at the top and bottom, mounted, or fully framed. This page shows our selection of the mounted maps If that's not an available option on a map in which you're interested, just call us at 800-532-6675
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