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The Map Shop's Warm World Framed Map with a Mid-Century Modern Look

The design and modern coloring of this map really fit in with any modern decor. We designed this map right here at The Map Shop to be a combination of art and Cartography. When you zoom in on the map you'll see how we used bold shades and subtle text to make this map unique. Each engineered wood molding has a 2" width and a 3/4" height and is made from environmentally-friendly recycled wood. Maps are laminated on heavy foam core, which allows for placing pins or stickers on the map to mark locations. It's also available in a mocha walnut grained frame instead of black.
Warm World 30x40 Black Frame
Item Number TMSMODWORLDR.FBPrice $179.99
Modern World warm colors 30x40 Black Frame
•click on the map above to see a CLOSE-UP..
•Learn more about Martin Mounts as a frame alternative
Due to heavy demand, mounted and framed maps may take up to two weeks to ship although we always try and beat this deadline. If you need a faster turnaround, please call us at 800-532-6675 and we will do everything possible to ship your map faster.
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