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US Flags

We carry a wide variety of United States Flags. From a small desk flag that is just 4 by 6 inches to a magnificent embroidered star 6 by 10 foot flag (typically for a car dealership). The list below shows all the US flags we carry. We can even order very large US flags over 10 feet long. Just call us at 800-532-6675 for that. The 4 by 6 inch version is stapled to a small black stick, all the larger sizes have brass grommets to mount the flag on a traditional pole.
These are not your typical inexpensive silk-screened indoor flags. These are American-Made, long-lasting outdoor flags. All these flags larger than 4x6 inches are made with Annin's patented material, called NylGlo designed to withstand sun and weather. All the flags that are 2x3 feet or larger have embroidered stars and stitched stripes. Nothing says "I'm proud to be an American!" like one of these. Check out the picture of the Cub Scouts learning to fold the large 6 x 10 ft size.
USA Flag-It static cling decal
Item Number 0768117003009Price $1.99
U.S. Flag-It static cling decal - 3.25 x 4.75 in
USA Flag-It sticker
Item Number 0768117004006Price $1.99
U.S. Flag-It vinyl sticker 3.25 x 4.75 in
US.png4x6i US FLAG
4x6i US FLAG
Item Number DET4X6USPrice $3.50
4x6in. U.S. Flag
US.pngUS 12x18i flag
US 12x18i flag
Item Number DET12X18USPrice $19.99
12x18 in U.S. flag
US.pngUnited States flag 2x3'
United States flag 2x3'
Item Number DET2X3USPrice $25.92
U.S. flag 2x3 ft
US.pngUS 3x5' nylon flag
US 3x5' nylon flag
Item Number 0026427024603Price $39.90
U.S. FLAG 3x5' nylon w/stitched stripes
US.png3x5' US Flag;Spinning Pole Set
3x5' US Flag;Spinning Pole Set
Item Number DET3X5USSETDLUXPrice $80.00
3x5' U.S. Flag - Spinning Pole Estate Set
US.pngUS 3x5' Flag Set Boxed
US 3x5' Flag Set Boxed
Item Number 0026427114151Price $42.00
3x5' U.S. Flag Set Boxed with pole
US.png4 by 6 Foot US flag
4 by 6 Foot US flag
Item Number DET4fX6fUSPrice $57.00
U.S. Flag 4ft by 6ft Nyglo
US.pngUS flag 5 x 8ft
US flag 5 x 8ft
Item Number DET5X8USPrice $85.30
U.S. flag 5 x 8ft
US-Flag-Cub-Scouts.jpg6 by 10 FEET US flag
6 by 10 FEET US flag
Item Number DET6FX10FUSPrice $113.30
U.S. Flag 6ft by 10ft in tough Nyglo
Nyglo fan / bunting
Nyglo fan / bunting
Item Number DET3x5USFANPrice $45.00
U.S. Flag-like Nyglo fan / bunting
US.png3x5' US Banner with sleeve
3x5' US Banner with sleeve
Item Number 0026427219009Price $44.80
3x5' US Banner with sleeve
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