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Giant World Political Map by Klett

This is an overview of Klett's Giant World political wall map for the Classroom. As you can see from the picture this really is a giant map. This is truly the largest single sheet world map of the world made today. Our friend Eberhard who is modeling this map is six feet tall. This classroom map is 106 inches wide by 71 inches high. This classroom map is printed on high-tech vinyl substrate for years and years of use. You can even mark on it with damp-wipe markers. Naturally this Giant World wall map comes with an optional spring roll-up mechanism. The giant map and spring roller are made with quality German engineering for years of classroom (or boardroom) use. The scale on this map is 1 to 12million. The big block letters in black make the key points of this map stand out in the back of the classroom. This world map is also available for hundreds less on rails instead of the spring roller mechanism.
Giant World Political Map by Klett
Very Large World 107x67 vinyl $766.00Very Large World 107x67 Roller $1,020.00
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