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Simplified US Physical Map by Klett

Here is an overview of the Klett's Simplified US Physical map for the Classroom. Aren't the colors on this map fantastic? It is 63 inches wide by 40 inches high. This classroom map is printed on non-tear Kimdura substrate. The map and spring roller are made with quality German engineering for years of classroom use. The scale on this map is 1 to 4.5 million. Compare this map, Klett item# 3-623-33155-4 to Nystrom's Intermediate Map series part# 1MR1, It is more colorful and less expensive. The big block letters in black make the key points of this map stand out in the back of the classroom. I particularly like the way the rivers are exaggerated to stand out for teaching. Naturally this US wall map comes standard with aspring roll-up mechanism.
Simp US Phys on rollers
Item Number KL33155.4Price $192.50
Simplified US Physical Map 63 x 40 on sprg roller
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