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California Classroom Map for grades 3-8

The California Thematic Secondary 3-8 Wall Map is the perfect teaching aid for state studies and related subjects. Political/physical maps with hypsometric colorations. Shows county boundaries, interstate highways, county seats, cities and towns and state regions. Maps correlate with state standards and curriculum guidelines. They are constructed of heavy paper with a write-on wipe-off laminated finish that can be used with water based or dry erase pens. Mounted on spring roller with backboard. This Wall Map features a historical timeline and elevation profile, plus insets of land use, ethnic diversity and population, average precipitation and more. It really addresses the majority the curriculum issues faced by the classroom teacher. This classroom map is ideal for public, private, parochial, and home schools. This compares favorably with Nystom's 1PS05 and costs less.
California Thematic on Roller
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California Thematic Secondary Map 3-8 64x54in.
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