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US Territorial Growth from 1783 to 1959

This map shows the growth of the United States from 1783 up until Hawaii and Alaska became states in 1959. This map lists the following regions: The United States This map comes fully laminated. So you can write on it wtih a dry-erase marker and wipe it off. You can finish this map off three different ways: Plain, & just pin it up Add Rails in the shopping cart Add it to a roller in the cart With the roller option, you can add up to three maps to a spring roller. If you want more than 3 maps in your set, just add one roller for every three maps in your set. We also have racks that hold up to 4 rollers so you can have up to 12 history maps in one set.
US Territorial Growth
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US Territorial Growth 1783-1959 51x51 in
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