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Civil War Overview 1861-1865

Here is a map that shows all the states of the Confederacy and displays all the major campaigns and battles of the war. This map lists the following regions: States making up the Southern Confederacy This map comes fully laminated. So you can write on it wtih a dry-erase marker and wipe it off. You can finish this map off three different ways: Plain, & just pin it up Add Rails in the shopping cart Add it to a roller in the cart With the roller option, you can add up to three maps to a spring roller. If you want more than 3 maps in your set, just add one roller for every three maps in your set. We also have racks that hold up to 4 rollers so you can have up to 12 history maps in one set.
US Civil War
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US Civil War 1861-1865 51x51 in
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