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High School Classroom Maps from The Map Shop

These maps are all chosen to emphasize that teachable moment when nothing beats a quick map reference to put a high school lesson in context. And refocus everybody's attention on where something is happening. One of the most common features of a classroom map is it's ability to "pull down". This started because wall space is at a premium in the typical classroom; especially those rooms where one whole wall is windows. Having a map on a spring-roller like this really adds to the complexity. You'll find a list of the challenges presented by pull-down maps and our suggestions on how to deal with them.
All these maps are really great but what if you don't have room for a map on your wall and you need something digital that you can mark up and show on your projector or whiteboard? We have just the product. It's the Digital School Maps Product. We call it the eMapshop and the High School version has hundreds of digital maps you can project, email, and mark-up to highlight the lesson you're teaching.
We can even sell you a rack to mount multiple maps, if you need more than one map. If you need more than one map, please check our combination maps page. You'll save money buy purchasing 2 maps on one roller or a 2-sided map.
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