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World and US Beginner's Classroom Map

This map set is a great way to save wall space in your classroom. It has the Beginner's World map and the Beginner's US map. Both of these maps are also on this web site or see them by clicking on the links. This map compares to Nystrom's 1ELS991.These Beginner maps are designed for pre-K through 1st. grade. They both have bright colors and easy-to-see land masses and major bodies of water. The U.S. map shows state names and capitals. The World edition identifies only continents and oceans. Mounted with both maps on one roller for space savings.
US & World Beginner
Item Number UNI22210Price $270.50
US & World Beginner Combo Classroom Wall Map On Roller With Backboard 64x54in.
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