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Easy Roller Wall Map

Have you got a paper wall map that changes from time to time but no way to hang it or roll it up? This is an exciting new invention we have just discovered. The pictures below illustrate how the wall map hanger works. It is a basic white laminated sheet mounted to a spring roller (just as if it were a map. Then we mount clear acetate on top and give that sheet a separate blue strip at the bottom to weigh it down. By lifting and separating these sheets, the static electricity will hold any paper map firmly in place between the two sheets. Finally somebody harnessed the power of static cling for the good of society. This model will accomodate maps up to 51 inches wide. The height is adjustable, to accommodate a map up to and 51 inches high. However, to use this system, your map must be paper only. This system is mounted on our classroom style, spring roller system with its standard C-shaped channel backboard. You can combine this map display system with our map stand to have a changing map display. Please scroll down to see a series of pictures that will help you understand how this map mounting system works. This system is also available in a non-roller configuration.
Roll-up display system
Item Number EASYROLLERPrice $199.95
Roll-up display system for paper maps 51 in wide
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