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800-532-6675 Also, please know that we go to great lengths to protect your map when we ship it. Maps that can be rolled come in thick walled tubes. Mounted Maps come in sturdy custom crates .


Classroom Map Rails

  Need a way to hang the map in your classroom? You know you don't have to spend the extra money to mount your map on spring rollers. If the map is going to stay down most of the time, then we recommend "Rails", walnut-grained molding that we permanently attach to the top and bottom of your laminated map. The top rail has 2 eye-hooks (as you can see in the picture) so that your map is ready to hang up after you put a couple of nails or L-hooks in the wall. The bottom rail gives some weight so that the map hangs nicely and it has a finished look too. All our railed maps MUST be laminated so they will support the weight of the bottom rail.   Railed maps are carefully rolled and shipped in sturdy tubes. All the maps we finish come with our exclusive walnut-grained rails. Maps over 60 inches take rails one-and-a-half inches thick like the map shown below. The smaller maps all get 1 inch rails. We have several other map mounting options.  The rails are selectable as an option when you add the map you have chosen to our shopping cart system. We can not sell them separately as they require our expert installation.  The picture below shows the National Geographic US map with rails. Currently our shopping cart gives you 3 choices of rail width. Just choose the correct rail based on the width of the map you're buying. The rails are priced separately based on the width..

Here's an example of a map with hanging rails at the top and bottom •  Add Rails for maps 10 to 40 inches wide ($26)
•  Add Rails for maps 41 to 60 inches wide ($36)
•  Add Rails for maps 61 to 84 inches wide. ($46)
•  Add Rails for maps over 84 inches wide,
call us at 800-532-6675

We can't put combination maps on rails because they won't flip behind the top rail very well. But there are special spring roller mountings for those. And if all else fails, just call us at 800-532-6675. We're there to assist you from 8a ~6p Eastern time.