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Wall Mounting Instructions for Spring Roller Mapsmap spring roller example.... click here to return to classroom map accessories

We often get asked about mounting these classroom maps to the wall. The backboards are all designed to slide over a one inch diameter set of steel "buttons" like the ones pictured on the adapter. If you have a situation like the one pictured to the right, it's easy. Just slide two of the adapters on the cork rail on top of your white board and you're ready to go. We don't supply those, you have to get them from your whiteboard vendor. wall mount adapter ready to bolt on to the wall Or your whiteboard vendor may supply you with hooks that slide on that same rail. The backboard, the C-shaped channel that spans the width of your map and to which to roller brackets are attached, has two square holes in it. Those allow you to simply hang the backboard from those sliding hooks on your whiteboard. OK, what if you want to mount it right to the wall? The blue-green wall mount adapter is the way to go. Just bolt this little jewel right to the wall. Be sure to bolt it into a stud or use a very sturdy anchor. Remember you will be pulling down on your map with some force. So the weight of the map and the force you use to pull down the spring roller all have to be supported by 2 bolts! By the way, you can also mount this adapter on the ceiling and pull your map down from there. The picture below shows a typical classroom state map mounted on its standard on a spring roller example

Here's a real simple and inexpensive way to mount your classroom map. Just get our two button set and screw them to the wall; with each one centered on a stud. Your classroom backboard will slide right over these two steel buttons.. The ruler is in the picture to help you see the minimum suggested distance between the two mounting buttons and the relative size of these one inch diameter buttons. Remember NONE of our classroom maps come standard with this mounting hardware. That's because each situation is different and many classrooms already have some system to mount the maps. It could be that your Whiteboard already has sliding hooks at the top. All the backboards we sell have two rectangular holds near each end to allow you to hang the map on those hooks..simply screw two buttons to the wall Call us at 800-532-6675 if you'd like to discuss your options for mounting. You also have the option of putting hanging rails on your map. We can mount those on almost any size map..
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