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7 Political Map Set on a Roller

Here are images of the seven maps that make up this map set. The set includes one world map and six continent maps on a spring roller. Each map is printed on non-tear Kimdura substrate, which is markable with water based markers. Click on the individual maps below to see details and larger images of the maps.
7 Map Multi-roll Set political
Item Number CRA930-6708Price $825.00
7 Map Multi-roll Set political 64 in. wide on Spring Roller
This is just one of the combination maps we offer for your classroom. This big map set is too heavy to slide onto a conventional rack. It has holes in the top of its backboard to hang it on sturdy hooks that slide along the top of your whiteboard. We also recommend two of our wall mount adapters each mounted on a wall stud or lag screwed to concrete to mount this big set to your wall.

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• See How to re-tighten a big spring roller. See how to select just one map of a multiple map set on one large roller. You'll save money buy purchasing 2 maps on one roller or a 2-sided map.

• Click on a map to see a CLOSE-UP and more info.

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•Get help and advice on classroom maps.
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