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Bible Land Map Set

This set of maps will greatly enhance your Bible study because it will let your students see where these stories happened

Free shipping to the lower 48 states of the US! Each map is 26 x 40 and comes mounted in a flip rack with a tripod base. This map system lets you move it easily from room-to-room as different classes or bible topics demand a look at ancient maps. The map set with the tripod can easily be set up in a couple minutes. Click here for more pictures of the set.

The eight maps in the set are listed below. Each one is printed on waterproof; tear resistant paper that's good for years of use. The shaded relief on these map raids the understanding of students to Bible stories. The large print on these bible maps is big enough for an entire class to see the are you are studying. Click on these links below to see images of each map included in this set:

= Prophets and the Exile
= Israel's Settlement in Canaan
= Ancient Near East Before Exodus
= The Exodus
= United Monarchy and the Kingdom of Judah
= Paul's Journeys through the Roman Empire
= Jerusalem Old and New Testament
= Palestine in the time of Jesus
Click here to read details on the finishing options available for our wall maps.
Bible Land Map Set w/Tripod
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