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Rand McNally America Atlas

To truly know and understand the United States, it is necessary to explore it region by region. And this is exactly what Rand McNally's America does. Developed with the assistance of a select group of American geographers and scholars, this thoughtfully written and richly illustrated atlas identifies15 regions and examines the qualities that make each of them unique. Where most regional guides and textbooks divide up the United States along perfunctory state lines, America delineates regions according to deeper, more meaningful criteria, including shared geography, history and cultural traditions. Through essays and short articles, abundant photos, attractive reference maps and thematic maps, America distills the essence of each region to create an overall sense of our country's glorious patchwork of cultures. Capturing the true character of each region, America offers a new perspective on a country you thought you knew..
America Hardcover Atlas
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America - A Celebration of the United States (hardcover atlas)
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