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US Regional Folding Maps by Hallwag

This is a unique series of maps that covers the entire United States with 11 different and overlapping regional maps.The detail on these maps is excellent. There's plenty of detail on the roads and byways of every inch of the lower 48 states.
Besides being one our best picks for use in regional travels and travel planning, these regional maps have plenty of overlap. Here is a little secret we will share with you.... they are all exactly the same scale. That means we can piece them together and make a custom regional wall map for you without the heavy cost of making the map from scratch. The display below shows you the 11 different map choices.
Each one of these maps is 40 inches high and 50 inches wide. If that's too big, then follow these links to the Rand McNally regional maps.
For a smaller Western US region, click on our Rand-McNally Western US
For a smaller Central US region, click on our Rand-McNally Central US
For a smaller Eastern US region, click on our Rand-McNally Eastern US
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